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Taiwan TEAMA Tech. Co. has been officially operating over 20 years with outstanding business reputation and the excellent assessment. Because of the universalization of 3D printing technology and the rise-up of digital fabrication, Taiwan TEAMA founded 3D Style platform so as to fulfill various demands of many educational organization and research developers. We provide complete 3D printing solution and integrated services. Also, by devoting ourselves to product innovation, quality control and sales tracking, we hope to connect different kinds of valuable resources from designers, suppliers and academic organizations to fulfill customer needs. We made every effort to let Taiwan TEAMA become a leading role in the 3D printing field.

Taiwan TEAMA technology has been running the 3D printing service for years, and we are the exclusive distributor of the international prestigious 3D printing company––formlabs. We devote ourselves to providing the most complete 3D printing solution, introducing many different kinds of powerful desktop SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printer like Form2 and Form3. With remarkable SLA technology and newly-developed LFS technology, the printed parts could achieve highly accurate, detailed, smooth, transparent effect, giving users reliable and stable quality.

The printers of formlabs are very user-friendly. They have not only the traditional Chinese version software, but also a large variety of resin choices. There are more than 20 kinds of resins to choose, giving users the possibility to print products according the requested property. Furthermore, with the automatic resin dispensing system, users won’t need to fill the tank by themselves and it also largely prevent the waste of materials.

Beside the software and hardware devices, Taiwan TEAMA technology provides a total after-sales services, for example, we have training class to teach users how to operate the printers and one-year warranty. Our professional staffs are at your disposal every time, in order to help you fix your problems. Furthermore, Taiwan TEAMA provides media platform and hold activities, online live stream with users, which creates mutual promotion of each company and strengthen the application of 3D printing in diversified fields.

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