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Personalized, precision medicine is on the rise. New tools and advanced technologies are bringing doctors closer to patients, delivering treatments and devices customized to better serve each unique individual.

In the past, cost and complexity limited adoption of 3D printing, which always had the promise to push medicine forward. According to surgeons, radiologists, medical device engineers, and researchers around the world, Formlabs is changing the game and democratizing access to industry-leading technology.

Affordable, professional-grade desktop 3D printing opens the door to high-impact medical applications, while studies show organizations saving significant time and costs from the lab to the operating room.

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Surgical Planning Models

Precise, patient-specific tactile reference models help physicians better prepare for complex cases and operations while improving patient consent, lowering recovery time, and minimizing time and cost in the OR (case study).

Models printed on Formlabs 3D printers are commonly used in orthopedic, cardiothoracic, vascular, OMFS, oncology, urology, plastics, and pediatric cases. 3D printed aneurysm models help one of the largest university hospitals in Germany reduce risks during brain operations.


Medical Devices & Surgical Instruments

High-precision 3D printing allows designers to rapidly prototype devices and tools in-house, from concept models to functional testing with materials that closely match common injection-molded plastics.

R&D teams at over 90% of the top 30 medical device firms use Formlabs 3D printers to accelerate product development by iterating complex designs in days instead of weeks, at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing or silicone molding.


Insoles & Orthotics

Patient- and customer-specific insoles and orthoses have led to a better fit, better outcomes, and a better experience for patients, athletes, and consumers around the world. Watch the video and read about how an engineer reinvented ankle braces to enable his child to walk for the first time.

Formlabs is working with pioneering physicians, healthcare systems, and companies to make 3D printed orthoses more accessible, affordable, and effective. Sign up to learn more about how Formlabs is advancing the field.

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