Your Digital Models Turned Into High-Definition Physical Reality

Bring hyper-realistic digital models to life in a matter of hours, right on your desktop. The Form 3 delivers incredible detail and seamless performance at an affordable price point.


Desktop stereolithography (SLA) empowers you to create high definition models showing the finest details, while making it easy to post-process sculpts for a truly realistic look. Formlabs has teamed up with ZBrush to streamline the 3D printing pipeline by transferring designs directly to PreForm for printing.

Character Modeling

Bring concepts beyond the computer screen with physical objects instead of flat renders. High-fidelity models will help you communicate with clients while keeping production in-house, giving you greater control, as well as saving time and money.


Prop Making

Whether you need one part or hundreds, the Form 3 supports your workflow from prototyping, to molding and casting. Formlabs parts have starred in stop-motion films, epic video games, bespoke costumes and even blockbuster special effects (as seen in Interstellar, Ant Man, and more).


Resources for Sculptors & Artists

Learn how to integrate 3D printing into your workflow with free resources from Formlabs.

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